Hi guys!

Because im always featuring all my friends here its only fair to dedicate this post to you guys. So you Swedish people have to use your schoolenglish today im afrad. ;)

First im starting off with this weeks Style Hero!

This is Laurey, the lovely make up artist from my Olay job today.
She has a very unique style, and she got a lot of complements for her look today. Very cool!

Dress - Beyond retro
Belt - Vintage Dolce and Gabbana
Tights - American apparel
Shoes - From a little shop at Brick Lane.

She also had these beautiful red hairclips in her hair, but my camera ran out of batteries after just one shot. Zut!

When i left you guys last time i was on my way to meet the girls for dinner at Northcote rd. Me Bailee, Mel and Lara had a great dinner at an Italian place. Amazing gambas,lots of garlic, so now i smell like 10 italian builders.
It felt a bit sex and the city -ish. We were chatting a lot about marriage, girl stuff and of course a whole lot of work. Cant let it go..

Lara, Mel and Bailee (and lots of empty wine glasses)

It has been really warm here today, and my photoshop is not working so we look a little bit shiny, but its allright!
 We get photoshopped enough.

Me, Mel and Lara went of after and had another sneaky glass of wine. Not so smart when you are supposed to be up early tomorrow. But im not feeling it now so hopefully im allright.

Well sleep well now my little cupkakes.
I love u all!



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